ThorX LED Panels

Stylish and energy efficient lighting for your premises

Whether you are replacing your existing lights, or are re-imagining the way you light up your rooms, Thor X LED Panels have a solution for you. ThorX offers a selection of high quality LED panels that are an ideal alternative to simple ceiling lights or fluorescent tubes. Our LED Panels have been designed to be both stylish and cost effective. LED panels use less electricity than conventional lighting solutions, and have a significantly longer lifespan.

ThorX LED panels are available in a range of sizes and color variants. Due to their large luminous area, they are versatile and offer a high degree of brightness. With an ultra-flat design, the LED panels achieve 100% luminosity immediately, and provide uniform light distribution. Their ultra-flat design is modern and space saving. These square and rectangular LED panels can be used to decorate every room.

ThorX LED panels are ideal for coffered ceilings and are designed to stay cool during illumination.

Installation of the panels is simple. Each ThorX LED panel comes with an optimally shielded and interference free transformer for connection to mains power.